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There are many options available for the Honda Insight, Civic or Accord Hybrid vehicles. From a battery Grid Charge, Battery conditioning to replacing all the cells with brand new ones - we have the best options to suit your situation or budget. Ask us about the best option for your car!

   Grid Charging

   Battery Conditioning

   Battery Rebuilding & Replacement

   Cell Testing, Analysis & Balancing

Battery Repair Services:

Bring your vehicle to us for a Free Diagnosis and Analysis of your hybrid battery system. We will attach our diagnostic equipment and run a few tests to see the State Of Health of the low and high voltage battery systems. This service includes load testing the 12v battery, checking the hybrid battery cells for resistance, balance and also check the hybrid computer for any codes related to the vehicle hybrid system. This can be done as a preventative measure or an early warning to see how much life your hybrid battery has remaining.

If you have a Red Triangle warning on the dash of your Toyota or Lexus or an IMA light on your Honda you may need to have the vehicle towed to us for your free diagnosis.

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Grid Charging is a very slow charging process for your hybrid battery. The battery pack gets connected to a high voltage charger and is trickle charged for up to 24 hours. This slow rate of charge is intentional to prevent any damage to the cells while charging. This slow charging process can revive older and more tired cells and can show good results on battery packs suffering from performance issues. Grid Charging can be done as preventative maintenance on a battery pack that isn’t showing signs of failure yet or on a pack that has failed already.

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As hybrid batteries get older the cells tend to build up higher internal resistance and will discharge on at different rates compared to other cells in the battery pack. The amp hour rating of each cell will tend to be different due to electrode material separation. This reversible process will cause the battery pack to go out of balance which could cause a check engine light or hybrid warning light on the dash. To rebalance the hybrid battery we perform a deep charge, discharge cycle with final balance charge using our specialized equipment.

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Due to constant shallow cycling of the hybrid battery pack during its life cycle the internal cells tend to develop a memory effect. This causes a major reduction in capacity and reduces the lifespan of the battery pack considerably. Battery conditioning breaks down this memory effect by subjecting the hybrid battery pack to multiple slow charge and discharge cycles. This process has shown great results and can extend the life of the hybrid battery for years.

This is highly recommended for hybrid vehicle starting to show performance issues and reduction in MPG.

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Standard Pricing and Packages



  • Scan all codes
  • Check cells for balance
  • Check cell resistance

CIVIC GEN 1 Hybrid Battery


Civic (2000 - 2005) only. Insight (2000 - 2006) add $200

  • All New Cells
  • Completely balanced and charged.
  • Includes Installation
  • 3 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

CIVIC GEN 2 Hybrid Battery


Civic Gen 2 (2006 - 2011)

  • All New Cells
  • Completely balanced and charged.
  • 3 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

Honda Accord Hybrid Battery


Honda Accord Hybrid (2005 - 2007)

  • All New Cells.
  • Completely balanced & charged.
  • 3 Year - Unlimited Mile Warranty.
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